To better understand public opinion, The Texas Lyceum commissions an annual survey on the critical policy issues facing Texans. The mission of the Lyceum Poll is straightforward: Produce a professional, nonpartisan, high-quality, scientific survey that provides the public with:

  • Specific data points on issues of interest
  • A time series of key demographics, attitudes, and opinions

The trademark of the Lyceum Poll is its transparency. All top-line and detailed cross-tabular results for each poll are published on the Lyceum website.

The 2021 Lyceum Poll

The 15th Annual Texas Lyceum Poll, conducted from January 8-January 17, 2021, is devoted to the topic of the statewide impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Our goal is to enlighten the public and policymakers on Texans' opinions on a number of public policy issues and the global pandemic’s effect on the state. 

Texans’ Views of the Coronavirus Pandemic and its Economic Consequences
January 28, 2021

2021 Texas Lyceum Poll Press

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