A Message from the President


We are living in dynamic times.  The electoral and demographic landscape of Texas looks even more different and diverse than it did a hundred years ago in 1922.  Global events have led to private and public sector leaders facing challenges never seen by their predecessors.  But the convergence of these circumstances also present new opportunities.  The Texas Lyceum is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in leading our great state in this new environment.  

Our Texas Lyceum Directors and Alumni are influential leaders who serve their communities and collaborate on the solutions and innovations that will take the state through this decade.  We work together to foster greater connectivity and keep a focus on the future of Texas. 

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President Sarah Jackson's Welcome Message at the 2022 Investiture

After being sworn in as President, Sarah Jackson took a moment to share her vision as President and talk about what we can expect this year, as the organization continues to advance important discussions about issues facing our state.

 2023 Public Conference: A Lyceum Look at Elections - Austin, TX

Please mark your calendars for our next Public Conference, A Lyceum look at Elections, in Austin, Texas from January 26th – January 28th. The 2023 Public Conference will explore the mechanics of elections, the process of how district maps are drawn, and how to address the key issues surrounding voter access as well as opportunities and vulnerabilities for election security. 

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The Texas Lyceum Poll Finds Texans Are Deeply Concerned About Cost of Living

The Texas Lyceum’s annual poll, published today, finds a majority of Texans saying that they spend too much on housing and that the cost of living for necessities in the area where they live is either "poor" or "terrible." Concerns about costs come as the state grapples with ongoing economic troubles stemming from the continued fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, ongoing inflationary concerns, and rising energy prices exacerbated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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