A Message from the President


Dear Texas Lyceum Friends,

This year, 2024, marks a special anniversary for me. Forty years ago, my mother, Ann Quirk, began her term as the president of our organization. In the early years the terms began in October, so a president served in two separate years. It is an honor to carry out the legacy that she and our founding members began in 1980.

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Molly Quirk to lead Texas Lyceum as 2024 President 

Jan, 31, 2024 – (AUSTIN) — The Texas Lyceum will install Molly Quirk as President and also swear in 22 new Directors on Friday, Jan. 19 in the House Chamber of the Texas Capitol. The Texas Lyceum is a nonpartisan, nonprofit leadership organization that helps identify future leaders from across Texas and provides a forum for a civil discussion of challenges facing the state. The Lyceum brings focus to...

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The Labor of Luxury - Napa, California

What lies behind the curtain of luxury in Napa Valley? At the heart of the agriculture industry (and often behind the scenes) lies a hidden word of adversity that shapes the experiences we cherish. By examining the often unnoticed but crucial issues and regulations, this meeting offers Texans a distinctive chance to gain profound insights. We will delve into two crucial industries: agriculture and entertainment (the hospitality kind) with the backdrop of beautiful St. Helena California.



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The Texas Lyceum Poll Finds Texans Are Deeply Concerned About Cost of Living

The Texas Lyceum’s annual poll, published today, finds a majority of Texans saying that they spend too much on housing and that the cost of living for necessities in the area where they live is either "poor" or "terrible." Concerns about costs come as the state grapples with ongoing economic troubles stemming from the continued fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, ongoing inflationary concerns, and rising energy prices exacerbated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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