The Economy and Social Policy

The fifth anniversary Texas Lyceum Poll was released in June 2011, on the heels of the Legislative Session, and focused on the economy, social policy and approval rankings of our elected officials. With the 2011 Poll, we provided trend data that tracked the opinions of Texans on many key issues over the five-year period since the Poll was instituted in 2007. That data included Texans' perceptions on the direction of the country, the mood of the public, our economic well-being and issue priorities for both the nation and state.

2011 Texas Lyceum Poll Statewide Results

June 14, 2011: The Economy and Trends

June 15, 2011: Social Policy Issues

June 16, 2011: Job Approval Numbers and 2012 Match-ups

2011 Texas Lyceum Poll Results

2011 Texas Lyceum Poll Cross Tabs