Legalization of Marijuana, Race-Based Discrimination, Border Security, the Affordable Care Act, and Youth Tackle Football

The Ninth Annual Texas Lyceum Poll, conducted from September 8-21, 2015, surveyed adult Texans’ attitudes on issues such as the legalization of marijuana, race-based discrimination, border security, the Affordable Care Act, climate change and youth tackle football. In addition, we captured a snapshot of where Texans are on the many presidential candidates running in the 2016 election. The Poll continues to track longitudinal data on what Texans consider to be the most important issues facing the state and the nation, as well as the pulse of the economy, our country's direction, and job approval numbers of our state and federal elected leaders.

2015 Texas Lyceum Poll Statewide Results

September 30, 2015

October 1, 2015

2015 Texas Lyceum Poll Results

2015 Texas Lyceum Poll Cross Tabs