Join the Texas Lyceum for their State of Texas Women Conference
hosted in the Rio Grande Valley 


Think of the women leaders who have inspired you, who built your leadership values through their own examples, who developed your leadership skills through their encouragement and support. Texas Lyceum directors and alumni have the opportunity at the State of Texas Women conference to honor the women who helped them succeed. Show your gratitude by celebrating her at the April conference. For a donation of $250, your nominee will receive notification of the honor from the president and a keepsake certificate with a personal message from you. Plus, her name and photo will appear in the conference program and on signage at the event**. Turn in your nomination by clicking the button below.

** Due to print deadlines, anything submitted after 4/13 will not appear in the program and anything submitted after 4/19 will not appear on signage. Please note that EVERY nominee will still receive an email and certificate after the conference, regardless of submission date.


Dr. Deanna Alfred
Honored By Tieman "Skipper" Dippel, Jr. '80

Dr. Deanna Dippel Alfred has a reputation for public service. She has served as President of 10 organizations and been on the Board of numerous others, was named Washington County's Woman of the Year, Distinguished Alumni of Brenham High School, and Outstanding Alumni of Blinn College.


Jane Borochoff
Texas Lyceum Class of 2010
Honored by Reda Hicks '16

Jane is a kind and compassionate leader, who cares deeply about treating all people with dignity and respect. I love that she puts her many talents to work focusing on improving quality of life and opportunities for others.


Kathleen Burrell
Texas Lyceum Class of 2023
Honored by Amy Blakely Laine '18

As a ranch owner and operator, Kathleen Burrell represents The Texas Lyceum Class of 2023 and Lubbock well. Kathleen's leadership is exemplified through promoting the arts, advocating for children and serving on the City of Lubbock Appointments Advisory Board.


Jennifer Chandler
Texas Lyceum Class of 2021
Honored by Margo McClinton Stoglin '18

Jennifer is the quintessential servant leader. The Lyceum is fortunate to have her.

Cary Dupuy
Texas Lyceum Class of 2021
Honored by Reda Hicks '16

Cary is a dedicated, thoughtful and determined leader. She works hard to make people on a team feel included, and to create the conditions for the success of the people around her.


Janie Flores
In Memoriam
Honored by Ray Flores '18

Janie M Flores of San Antonio was the oldest of 10 siblings, an avid learner and published researcher in the field of Microbiology, and taught English in her free time at a local home for young immigrant women. And of course, she was a great mom and grandmother. We miss you...


Veronica Chapa Gorczynski
Texas Lyceum Class of 2020
Honored by Reda Hicks '16

Veronica is a thoughtful and steady leader. She cares about engaging her team in an inclusive way, and being mindful about accounting for other people's perspectives and experiences in the decision-making process. Veronica is incredibly gifted at making other people feel seen.


The Honorable Betty C. Hill
Honored by Glenwood Hill '20

An educator, public servant, and community leader, the Honorable Betty C. Hill is a three-term County Commissioner in Peach County, Georgia. Equally as comfortable on her farm as a boardroom, she helped make me the man I am today. Thank you for all you’ve done, Mom. Proud of your accomplishments.


Kathryne Hillier
Texas Lyceum Class of 1996
Honored by Tieman "Skipper" Dippel, Jr. '80, Steve Tredennick '81 & James Windham, Jr. '80

Kathryne, Lyceum class of 1996 and the Association's esteemed Administrator for many years thereafter, was the glue that held the Association together. Her enthusiastic spirit and efforts, ensured the Association's respected status throughout Texas as it proudly marches towards its 45th anniversary.





Dr. Maria Lowe
Honored by Clint Morris '22


Dr. Maria Lowe is a trailblazing educator and scholar at Southwestern University. For more than 20 years, she has driven important conversations while empowering students with critical thinking, research excellence, and context for complicated social issues. Dr. Lowe is selflessly dedicated to undergraduate research and raising developed, informed thinkers.



Colleen McHugh
Honored by Justin Yancy '04

I am proud to call Colleen McHugh my trusted friend and mentor. She has provided steady guidance to many Texans and steady leadership to the state throughout her life and career. Breaking barriers, Colleen is well known for many "firsts," and she is equally known for her integrity and kindness. 


Roberta Schwartz
Texas Lyceum Class of 2008
Honored by Reda Hicks '16

Roberta is a force of nature. She's passionate and determined, working tirelessly for her colleagues, the patients they serve, and the broader Houston community. I think she's able to be such an impactful leader because she works hard to keep her family at the center of everything she does.


Margaret Spellings
Texas Lyceum Class of 1996
Honored by Jennifer Chandler '21

Margaret Spellings is an inspiring leader who drives progress and change. She exemplifies the values and leadership of the Texas Lyceum. Margaret continues to bring her experience developed over an exceptional career in public service at both the state and national level to benefit our great state.