Join the Texas Lyceum for their fourth quarter meeting of 2022
hosted in Longview, Texas 


Friday - November 4, 2022

Economic Development in East Texas: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future of the Region

With the region's vast quantity of water resources, reliable energy, and solid transportation options, moving a company to East Texas has become not only a desirable choice for many investors, but a competitive edge for manufacturers. This panel will explore the economic development climate in East Texas, what makes the region unique and what challenges the area faces as it competes for jobs and capital investment.

Educating a Well-Rounded and Reliable Workforce

Developing and improving a community’s present and future workforce is essential to East Texas’ ability to compete in the state, national and global economy. Aligning and integrating education and workforce development is vital to its economic growth and prosperity. This panel will explore how smaller communities like Longview and surrounding areas are changing the landscape of offerings to fit the ever changing needs of industries, as well as overcome the challenges of losing talent to larger cities and communities.

Exploring Incentives: Is it all about the money? 

Corporate incentives play an integral role in attracting corporations to a community. This panel will explore how communities utilize these incentives to market themselves in the competitive economic development landscape, as well as discuss current legislative issues that threaten to change the tools many local communities count on to remain competitive.