Join the Texas Lyceum for the Meeting hosted in Midland, Texas

Thursday - September 9, 2021

The Texas Lyceum, Then and Now: a Fireside Chat with Former Texas Lyceum Chairs

Judge Michael Bradford, Class of 1987

Grant Billingsley, Class of 1986
John James, Class of 2004

Betsy Triplett-Hurt, Class of 1987

The Permian Basin is proud to boast an incredible roster of Texas Lyceum alumni. Join us as four of those alumni, three of which are former Lyceum Chairman, discuss their experiences in the Texas Lyceum, in the Permian Basin, and with the energy industry.

Friday - September 10, 2021

Energy Production and Consumption: A Look at the Data

John Hryhorchuk, VP of Policy, Texas 2036

The Texas Lyceum’s data partner, Texas 2036, will present background on energy production and consumption in Texas. Where does our energy come from?  How is that energy being used?

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An Energy Educated Future 

Scott Tinker, Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, Austin

Texans are fortunate to have the benefit of a variety of wide-ranging energy sources.  How have those sources been developed historically? How are they being developed today? What are the hurdles and benefits to Texas continuing to develop those sources in the days to come?

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How the Permian Basin Changed the World

Bill Keffer, Director of the Energy Law Program at the Texas Tech University School of Law 

Steve Pruett, CEO & President of Elevation Resources 
Julie Nelson, VP of Government Affairs, Cheniere Energy 
Philip Moore, Senior VP at Orsted Onshore North America 
Pat Wood, CEO of Hunt Energy Network

The Permian Basin has been producing energy for over 100 years.  Largely, the source of that energy has been oil and natural gas. In the last few decades, however, renewable energy development was started and is now booming in the wide-open spaces of West Texas. And, while oil and natural gas production had decreased heading into the end of the 20th century, the Permian Basin is now once again the largest oil-producing region in North America.  What does all that energy production mean for the region? What does it mean for the state?  What about the world? 

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Keeping the Friday Night Lights On

Phil Wilson, General Manager for the Lower Colorado River Authority | Class of 2008

Jeff Clark, CEO & President of Advance Power Association 
Barry Smitherman, Smitherman + Associates, and Independent Board member of CenterPoint Energy, Inc.   
Kelly Tomblin, CEO of El Paso Electric 
Brad Jones, Interim CEO and President of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) 

During the summer months, there is often concern that the electricity demanded by Texans in our hottest months will be greater than the electricity produced.  When demand exceeds supply, we can have rolling brownouts if not blackouts leaving consumers without air-conditioning when it is needed the most.  In February 2021, we experienced demand exceeding supply during a very unexpected time of year.  Winter Storm Uri, and its impacts on the state, was a tragedy producing calls for drastic changes in how Texas manages its electric grid and power generation.  Coming out of a legislative session where our state officials had the chance to instigate change, how is the state doing keeping the lights on? What can we do better?

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Texas Lyceum Fellow Presentation 

Kyleigh Richardson, Graduate Student in Public Administration at Texas Tech University 

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Making Dollars and Sense of Energy

Garrett Golding, Business Economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Jim Wicklund, Managing Director for Energy Banking with Stephens, Inc. 
Dennis Hatchett, CEO of the Vessel Group
Michael Skelly, CEO of Grid United 
Kaes Van't Hof, CFO and Executive VP of Business Development for Diamondback Energy

Energy generation has been and continues to be an incredibly important economic generator for our state and nation.  Affordable and reliable energy also helps reduce costs and increase options in our modern consumer society.  What are the economics behind energy production?  How have those economics changed with the increased focus on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)?  What is the economic cost to the state and private industry?  What is the cost to consumers?

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The Regulation of Energy Production in Texas 

Keynote Speaker: 
Christi Craddick, Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas | Class of 2000