2021 Fellows

Sallie Sherman



Meet Sallie Sherman, one of this year’s Texas Lyceum Fellows. Sallie is a second-year master of international affairs candidate at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M, studying international development and economic policy. She completed her undergraduate degree in animal science, also at Texas A&M. Sallie works at the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs, where she has contributed to the Pandemic and Biosecurity Policy Program’s work on domestic health policy.

In preparation for the Lyceum’s April 29-May 1 conference “The Opportunities and Obstacles of Aging: From Policy to Personal – Knowing the Facts,” Sallie is analyzing the challenges facing seniors living in rural areas to access health care options comparable to those of their urban counterparts. As the population of Texas ages and population growth is increasingly centered in urban areas, rural healthcare facilities are closing rapidly. Seniors in rural areas face greater challenges getting to their doctors.  This distance barrier to senior healthcare could be mitigated, however, by the expansion of telehealth services. 

KyLeigh Richardson

Meet KyLeigh Richardson, one of this year’s Texas Lyceum Fellows. KyLeigh currently works in the Lubbock Mayor and City Council office while pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Administration from Texas Tech University, where she also obtained her undergraduate degree. Her experience volunteering for more than three years with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby has instilled in her a passion for energy policy, on which she has pursued independent research and presented at various conferences.

KyLeigh’s work focuses on how administrators and legislators can focus on efficiency, equity, sustainability, and resilience to improve the reliability and security of our grid, the economy, and the larger Texas job market. At the Lyceum’s September 9-11 conference “Power Hungry: The Science, Economics, and Politics of Energy in Texas,” KyLeigh will present her brief on the macroeconomic and political implications of energy policy in Texas.

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